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Pleases check out the short video above that demonstrates the possibilities you can do to help your community.

completion of some academy course are mandatory.  After these classes, volunteers are required to complete a skills checklist with an assigned department officer. The checklist process provides the volunteer an opportunity to apply the skills learned in these courses.  Volunteers are expected to participate in station training activities, Public Education events and other Department sponsored activities.  

The Belvedere Fire Department is seeking men and women interested in serving as Volunteers for our community.  The selection of volunteers is based on the needs of the Department.  Safe driving records are required of all applicants.  Newly accepted emergency  volunteers are required to attend academy taught classes that vary during the evening on weekdays and some Saturdays/Sundays. The Academy instructors teach basic firefighting skills with an emphasis on safe practices in an emergency environment. Successful

Many of our members have gone on to work full time position in this profession in many parts of the U.S. to include Batt. Chiefs and Capt's over large city organizations.  We have several full time firefighters that are employed with other organizations and volunteer in their spare time with our department.  There is a place for everyone with our family of members  from single mothers, nurses, electricians, chefs and many other career professionals.   We offer a gym, full kitchen, large grill/picnic area and TV room for your enjoyment anytime for those over 18yrs of age.  You may download our application below and either scan and email it back or drop it off once complete.
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